WCTA Spirit Week


Spirit Week Day 2

As the second day of this year’s Homecoming Spirit Week approached, people’s feelings embodied the theme for this day, Inside Out. Wearing clothing inside out symbolized the fact that people wore their heart on their sleeves. While many people wore clothes inside out, even more supported the Blue theme. This color represented their commiseration, sadness. Most knew someone who was either affected or impacted by this mass shooting . Thankfully, a remarkable amount of people wore blue in honor of those who have been impacted from this massacre. Just like the Inside Out theme, the overall tone of the all Las Vegas, was flipped inside out.


Spirit Week Day 3

School Spirit suffused West Career and Technical Academy as teachers and students celebrate Homecoming Spirit Week! The theme for the third day of West Tech’s Homecoming Spirit Week was Dress Like a Superhero inspired by The Incredibles. This gave staff and students a chance to honor our heroes and first responders who helped in the sudden attack on Sunday, October 2, 2017. During lunch, a Pixar Trivia Party took place. Also, the Powder Puff Football games took place. Crowds packed the stands and cheered on for the both games. This day gave everyone the opportunity to thank all of the heroes who contributed to helping the Las Vegas community.


Spirit Week Day 4

On Thursday, the fourth day of this years’ Homecoming Spirit Week ya’ll were encouraged to wear Western clothing. All of the people at the concert on the day of the Las Vegas Massacre were all there to bond over their love of country music. By wearing western clothing, people at the school were able to show their respect for all of the people who risked or lost their lives in the shooting. Coincidentally, this day, inspired by the movie, Toy Story, truly reflected the events that occurred Sunday, October 2, 2017. No matter what, strength typically grows most in the moments when one thinks they can’t get go on, but they go on. Just like Woody says, “Reach for the sky!”


Spirit Week Day 4

Day Five of this year’s Homecoming Spirit Week, was finally here. After a long week of grieving and commemorating, the theme of this day was very emblematic to how the school was feeling. On this day, everyone was asked to wear their class shirts or homecoming shirts based off of the Pixar theme, Monsters University. On Friday, everyone was given the opportunity to move on and look towards the future. While this devastating event was still in everyone’s hearts and prayers, they now have to look towards the future and focus on how to prevent this from ever happening again. In fact, one of the major themes of Monsters University was to move, and Mike Wazowski stated in the movie, “Well everyone, I don't mean to get emotional but everything in my life has led to this moment. Let this not be the beginning of my dream, but the beginning of our dreams.” While this situation is clearly very different then the one that occuring in Las Vegas on Sunday, October 2, 2017, he still brings up a prominent theme of the movie. Just don’t forget, “Don’t dwell on what went wrong. Instead focus on what to do next. Spend your energies on moving toward finding the answer.” -Denis Waitley.

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