“Tuff Enuff” for Powder Puff

Thursday at West Career and Technical Academy, the sophomore and senior class teams went head to head at the finales of the annual powder puff tournaments. The seniors took off and won the tournament with some struggles along the way.

The final game was competitive and the sophomores, wearing red, and the seniors, sporting their black class shirts, were on it at all times. The senior team was much larger than the sophomore team but the fight was equal in strength.

On Wednesday, the first competitions were between the freshmen and the sophomores and between the juniors and seniors. All sides were hyped with aggression knowing that only one team would make it out to the next game on Thursday.

The freshmen and sophomore game ended 6-0 and was won by a touchdown by Megan Reynolds. The next game consisted of the juniors and the seniors who were rough the whole 40 minutes of the game. The environment of this game was very friendly despite this, because of the supportive coaches and their encouragement. In the end, the seniors hustled and had great offensive players that won them 21-7.

The big game began on Thursday and the field was filled with students coming from the tailgate or Trunk-or-Treat. The seniors pulled ahead; Megan Reynolds chased them back to midfield. For the first half, the girls ran back and forth using gameplays and focusing on communicating.

Second half came and the seniors amped up their game which scored them 21-7. That marked the end of the game and the West Tech seniors won. Their last Powder Puff game was a successful, challenging one. The students were all good sports and congratulated each other on a great football game.

According to Alexandra Morgan, senior team captain, Powder Puff is not all about winning, it is about “students coming together to celebrate over a sport.” Because we don’t have sports at West, it means a lot to the girls and students when Powder Puff rolls around.

The girls on the teams make new friends and while they grow bonds with friends, they “unite the community with a respectful and fun sport,” said Megan Reynolds, sophomore team captain. The Powder Puff games purpose is to create school spirit and this year, that is all that was felt on the West Tech field on Thursday afternoon.

Photo Credit: Juliette Doumergue

Team captain of the sophomore team, Megan Reynolds (Left) and senior team, Alexandra Morgan (Right), pose for a picture before the final game. Despite the picture, they were great sports and very supportive of one another.

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