Adventure is at the Homecoming Dance!

The night goes by so fast as people dance and sing along to the beat. Homecoming dances are where students can come together and let loose and this was no exception. On October 7th, students of all grades at WCTA filled the cafeteria in hope of a fun night. The night was one to remember whether it is the first or last first dance attended. Anticipation surrounds the students of West CTA as the homecoming dance starts off the year with adventure. A Pixar homecoming decided each decoration and made the beauty of the homecoming dance and students were ready to have an unforgettable time. “It was one of the best dances of my high school years.”, says senior, Morgan Taylor. “It was truly an unforgettable night with amazing music and great dance moves.” Raves and dance circles encompassed the night with trendy, entertaining music. As each new song came on, many students gathered around to dance together, party and laugh all night long. Tables were lined with beautiful, intricate UP themed centerpieces and the back table had every treat you could think of as well as delicious grape soda. The cafeteria was filled with hundred of different sized balloons and lights. “It took so long to blow up each balloon and we had to come in the day of so they wouldn’t deflate, but it was totally worth it,” Justin Downey, Student Council member. The adventures at homecoming 2017 were some of the most amazing for the West Tech students and will be unforgettable for years to come.

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