An Electrifying New World

Electric cars are known for being a more green and less polluting car compared to normal gas fueled cars. Many countries around the world are going to try to convert to using only electric cars in the next 10 years to minimize air pollution, but whether they will succeed is unknown.

Of more than one registered billion cars in the world today, only around two million cars in the world are electrical and/or hybrid, with one million being in China.

One of the countries who will try to convert to an electric car only future is China. China has set a goal for electric and plug-in hybrid cars to make up at least a fifth (or 20%) of its auto sales by 2025, and for the whole country to be electrified by the year 2030, 13 years away. China wants to start this trend so that they can rid of some of the heavy pollution.

Another country looking to make change in the future is India. The world’s fifth largest automobile marker is looking to make all cars in the country electrical/hybrid by the year 2030, 13 years from now.

The year 2030 which both countries made their goal to sell only electric cars may seem very far away, but it’s really soon. Thirteen years will pass by so quickly, so we need to start preparing now to avoid any conflicts and confusion in the future. The general population needs to prepare by learning about ways to handle electric cars, such as how much time it takes to charge, while the governments need to prepare by building more powering stations and preparing the population for the change about to happen.

However, with every good thing, comes bad things. Some cons of electric cars are that scientists are uncertain whether they will be able to drive in the rain, there isn’t as large of a choice for consumers to choose, they have a much higher cost (making them pricey for most), they have a long refueling time, and chargers aren’t very common.

Furthermore, there’s a much lower chance that electric cars would have the potential for road trips along the United States. This is due to the fact that they have a really low range, a long refueling time, and charger stations are still very uncommon throughout the United States.

Electric cars will certainly clear some pollution, but many problems that could affect consumers would also arise. Many countries have made claims to switch to electric cars but the number that will actually keep their dedication is unclear until the years to come.

Photo Credit: Bloomberg

This graph shows how electric cars are looking to grab a bigger audience in future years.

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