Roof on Row

Dylann Roof, Charleston Shooter and White Supremacist, has been on Federal Death Row since this January; he is likely to remain there for years to come.

Roof, who was responsible for the murders of nine African-Americans in a South Carolina church in 2015, is now the 63rd person on Federal Death Row. In spite of this, he may remain alive for years to come.

The death penalty is a convoluted and timely process, with many inmates waiting on death row for decades. Federal Death Row is even more “clogged”, so to speak, with inmates waiting up to over thirty years for their punishment. 62 other inmates are in line ahead of Roof.

In spite of his punishment, Roof is continuing to push his White Nationalist ideology. In September of 2017, Roof requested that two of his lawyers be fired on account of their race.

“It would be impossible for me to trust two attorneys that are my political and biological enemies” wrote Roof. His request would later be denied by the court. Though this wouldn’t be the only time Roof butt heads with his defense team.

Since his arrest, Roof has always claimed that his interests were put in jeopardy by his multiethnic attorneys. He even threatened to kill one attorney, David Isaac Bruck, if Roof ever made it out of prison.

Regardless of his threats, the likelihood that Roof will see the light of day is close to none. Likewise, we can expect him to remain in prison for a considerably long time.

Though the opinions of the victims’ families are generally mixed in regards to his sentence, they know that regardless of what they want, their relatives won’t be coming back. In the same way, Dylan’s wish to propel the United States into a race-war is in vain.

Photo Credit: Dylann Roof

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