Cunning About Running

Crossfitters’ hearts were beating intensely on November 6, not from nerves, but from the taxing workout put on by and at Durango High School. The West Tech crossfitters competed in a cardio endurance workout with crossfit clubs from schools around Las Vegas to, once again, fight for placements.

Gathered on the Durango High School track, West Tech crossfitters were able to warm up with their fellow competitors to get ready for the running and one legged squat workout. For a full 20 minutes, each of the athletes would be completing as many rounds as they could before time was up.

The community of crossfitters cheered each other on in each of the heats and judged for their teammates to get their scores. By the end of all the heats, all the scores were calculated and the rankings of the divisions were announced. For November’s throwdown a student at Palo Verde came in first place for the boys and Carissa Visone, senior at West Tech, for the girls.

The running intensive workout may have been a competition, but it brought the high school crossfit community together. For West Tech crossfitter Caleb Romero, sophomore, these crossfit throwdowns “allow Tech schools to throw in a little athletic ability [in their lives], to make the students more well rounded.”

For West Tech students specifically, this activity allows them to be apart of something non-academic, and brings them closer together despite their differences. West Tech crossfit Coach Grayson Gearin said, “ [Crossfit class] is to build a culture where it doesn’t matter if you are a freshman or a senior… we all celebrate each other’s PRs (personal records) whether that’s 35 pounds or 335 pounds.”

This monthly event will be at West Prep High School next month and Palo Verde High School in three months. These throwdowns are an organized way to have friendly competitions and build up a great community of young, buff crossfitters.

Photo credit: Grayson Gearin

Caption: Sophomore, Evan Ewing, completes a one legged squat, called a pistol, which was paired with running in the Durango workout.

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