The Cinematography Club

Cinematography... the art of making motion picture, this is a club at West Tech that has a

meeting every Thursday after school in the H building. Students will get taught on how to make cinematics. They also might be able to join in some High School Film Festivals this year.

And on spring there will be a film festival that they might be able to join. But what

exactly are Film Festivals? Film Festivals are an organized, an event where people can compete and present their film. In this club they might be able to join and compete in a high school film festivals, and anyone is welcome to join the festival.

Don’t fret if you do not have any camera, and any other recording gadgets because, this

club already has some equipments. Such as, DSLR cameras, tripod, etc. “And you are more than welcome to use your own equipment” said Senior, Devin Urbina. DSLR are a digital single-lens reflex camera, these cameras are well known for their high definition results for taking videos and pictures.

But the question is why exactly did they make this club? They made this club because cinematography are one of the hobbies that they “want to

share with other students” said Senior, Gregory Salesman. They also want to teach students how to make one, and participate at the high school film festival, thus they created this club.

And during the first meeting, we all introduced ourselves, discuss ideas, and afterwards

the club had a mini election for the new club historian. Lastly they encourage more students to join Cinematography Club. This is a non-curricular club that everyone will enjoy. And you do not need to be an expert at cinematography to join, therefore anyone will be able to join this club.

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