Trump Travel Ban

A federal judge from Hawaii has recently blocked Donald Trump’s new travel ban that was supposed to go into effect one day after he blocked it.

The federal judge, Derrick Watson, called it unreasonable claiming that it “plainly discriminates based on nationality.” In Judge Watson’s 40 page ruling, he criticises the Trump Administration for repeatedly failing to adequately address concerns that he and the other judges have about the order.

This is the third travel ban that Trump wanted to put into effect. In the first ban Trump wanted to impose, he wanted to ban entry for 90 days for citizens from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen. However, many judges disagreed with it so it got rejected, even after he made a few tweaks to make it more appealing to the judges.

In the second travel ban of March 6, Trump removed Iraq from the list of countries and said that it exempted permanent citizens and green card holders. This order, however, was still not good enough and it got blocked again.

In his most recent travel ban, Trump included the countries of Venezuela and North Korea, along with the countries from his second travel ban. Critics say that he added the two non-Muslim countries as a way to boost his argument that the ban doesn’t target Muslims.

There would be many impacts on the United States if this travel ban was put into effect. There would be negative consequences on American citizens that have family in those countries. Also, temporary visitors from Iran would be the most affected group because there were about 35,000 visitors in 2015.

If the travel ban were to be put into effect, it would also hurt the US economy since tourism would be decreased. In the United States, international travel and tourism is a powerful job generator, with 8.1 million American jobs supported by travel and tourism.

Tourism and travel is highly significant in Las Vegas where it is known to be one of the “most tourism-dependent city in the US. Las Vegas ranks first in leisure and hospitality employee, with compensation being estimated to be $50.7 billion. There’s a chance that some jobs would be lost if Las Vegas tourists decreased due to the travel ban.

If this travel ban was to be put into effect, there would be many consequences which affect America, both directly and indirectly. However, it’s highly unlikely it would be put into effect as it has been rejected three times by federal judges already.

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