HOSA Food Drive

Let’s join together and leave no family hungry over the holidays! From November 14 through December 14, HOSA is holding their annual holiday food drive. All programs are competing to donate the most non perishable foods, and the winner shall earn a trophy bragging rights until next year’s HOSA Food Drive turns the corner.

All of the proceeds donated by students and staff members are donated to the Las Vegas Mission. The Las Vegas Mission provides help and support to the homeless and hurting in the Las Vegas community.

Due to the fact that they do not receive any government support, the Las Vegas Mission relies solely on donations and volunteering from others.

According to Tim Secession, Director of Operations for Las Vegas Mission, “295,398 meals have been served this year, 44,267 emergency beds have been provided, and 12,040 individuals have received free clothing.” but these numbers will definitely increase after the completion of this years annual HOSA Food Drive. In addition to collecting donations, the Las Vegas Mission provides thrift stores for raising money for the organization.

One can donate by visiting their website, vegasrescue.org. If one is are looking into donating non perishable food items to the HOSA Food Drive, they may turn the food items into their program teacher. As a school, West Tech must unite and leave no family hungry during the holidays!

As of Friday, December 1, 2017, Business is, yet again, in first place followed by Nursing in second, and Sports Medicine in third place. Last year, Business won. Can they do it again?

Photo credit: Kate Oshins Caption: Nonperishable foods stacked to create a bridge in New York City.

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