The Dirtiest Season of All

New Challenge champions are crowned after the dirtiest, cutthroat, and intense seasons of the Challenge yet.

Starting all the way back in 1998, The Challenge has been one of the longest running TV shows in history, with its recent finish of its 30th season, with the 31st on the way.

In the Challenge, people from different walks of life live in a single house together where they compete in different physical and mental challenges until only the winners remain.

The Dirty 30 consisted of some of the dirtiest players in Challenge history, in addition to new faces from other MTV shows, known to be lying and deceitful themselves.

This season would give away the most money in Challenge history: one million dollars, which would be shared among the top 6, with the two winners each getting 450 thousand dollars.

In this season’s format, one guy and one girl would each win, as opposed to some other seasons where a team with both genders could win.

The top 6 consisted of: Jordan Wisely, Chris “CT” Tamburello, Derrick Kosinski, Cara Maria Sorbello, and Camila Nakagawa, who are 5 notable veterans of the game. And although it was her first time competing in the Challenge, rookie Tori Deal, also made it to the finals.

In the end, Wisely and Nakagawa were crowned the champions. This was Wisely’s 2nd Challenge win in the 4 seasons he’s competed in, while this marks Nakagawa’s 10th season. This is only her 2nd Challenge win.

Kosinski and Sorbello won 2nd place, while Tamburello and Deal took home the bronze.

Wisely in particular dominated the entire men’s division throughout the competition, winning challenge after challenge. Nakagawa on the other hand had a very tough season. Nakagawa continuously got in fights and arguments with other competitors, on one instance using racial slurs against a contestant. In addition, Nakagawa kissed a married competitor, only causing more and more turmoil among the cast.

Overall, Wisely and Nakagawa played an amazing game that eventually led them to the Challenge titles. The entire cast provided great entertainment for the audience, leaving them wanting more and waiting for next season to come.

Photo Credit: MTV Press

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