SOT: Supporting or Suppressing?

Photo Credit: Real Business Solutions

As parents, teachers, and students crowded the library, chatter came to an end when the School Organizational Team (SOT) meeting came to order. The meeting took place on Wednesday, February 7 and a professional meeting was conducted to address budgeting and recent concerns about WCTA.

West Tech’s SOT team consists of parents, teachers, students, and support staff whose jobs are to develop the school’s budget for the next school year. Our SOT team also makes time for community comments and questions at the beginning and end of the monthly meetings.

The main goal of the meeting was to determine the best choice of action for the budget cuts next school year and to make sure the School Performance Plan is being maintained. This meeting also addressed parent and teacher concerns about English department cuts, computer science classes being cut, and communication of situations at the school to students and parents.

The SOT team’s response to the parent and teachers concerns were that the English department must be cut by one teacher and, as of communication, Principal Rozar said the school has to stay in permitters when telling the students and parents information. She said they are not allowed to share what they are doing “behind the scenes,” but they are doing their best to keep us informed about situations at our school. The computer science classes were not addressed.

For the budget, a scenario was voted on by the team for next school year for two teachers to be surplused. This was a hard decision, but after the team was asked “All in favor?” the decision was made. Parent member of the SOT team, Jonathan Ullman, said, “ Both scenarios are lousy but this is our part as a SOT team…”

After the SOT meeting, members were satisfied with their decisions for the difficult subjects that came up. This well balanced team got their important work done with the voices off many points of views.

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