Is it Really Worth it?

Now, everyone’s heard of it, but how many students actually utilize this valuable, beneficial resource? is a Chicago-based online test preparation resource for students and those willing to learn all around the world. Recently, West Career and Technical Academy purchased this program, and ever since, students have had access to countless resources for numerous courses. contains practice for a plethora of subjects, as well as, specific novels, AP courses, and test prep; however many students around the school are not using this resource to its complete potential. The majority of students using are studying for AP classes. Meaning, is not being utilized for SAT or ACT preparation, the school’s initial purpose for purchasing the site.

According to Marinell Edran, a student in AP Literature, “Actually, we use in Ms. Schmidt’s English class quite frequently; it is very useful and is a great study source for the exam.” While students such as Edran believe the program is beneficial towards all, others don’t. For example, many freshman do not see the point in the school investing in such an expensive resource when West Career and Technical Academy is already tight on budgeting.

Costing thousands of dollars for the school, some debate if this purchase was really worth it. is a fairly new program, so it is not on any of the top recommended lists for test preparation websites. Even though all students have access to, many choose do not choose to take advantage of this serviceable online program.

Photo Credit: Zapier Blog

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