Traffic Overflow

Traffic in the morning that is slow and heavy.

Students and parents find it hard in the morning to either park or drop off their kids. This is due to the vast amount of students and parents trying to cram into the WCTA parking lot.

Though the solution seems as simple as letting senior students have a class period off in the morning rather than the afternoon, administration won’t let this happen. The complaints concerning traffic from parents can be overwhelming because of this.

Parent, Lisa Rankin, when asked if letting senior students have the first period off to alleviate traffic also agreed this would be an ideal solution. She is also concerned about students that are new drivers going into a hectic situation which could cause accidents.

Mrs. Rankin gave a valid point by saying, “It’s such a hassle to get into the school already with some people gone I’m positive there would be a good outcome from it.” Mrs. Ranking is mother of Megan Rankin.

Students also agree with this idea because it could give them opportunity to catch up on sleep or, if late, not rush into traffic. Jason Salazar, whomst recently got his drivers license and is also a senior had more to add to what Mrs. Rankin did.

“It takes so long to get into the parking lot if seniors didn’t have a first period it would make things so much easier and even help other people who go to their work that have to pass by our busy school.” His argument was far from wrong.

Though WCTA had open periods in the morning, it stopped to to an accident in 2012, outside of the school that was fatal. While this is tragic, it can’t stop years of students from having an open period which would greatly improve traffic in the mornings.

The fear caused by this has not allowed students from having opening periods that would end this cycle of traffic. Students hope to see a change in the near future.

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