Vitality Every Tuesday

You may have seen them on your Instagram feed or occasional Snapchat story, but acai bowls are taking over the plates of men and women everywhere. Fortunately for the Wranglers this year, Student Council has teamed up with Vitality Bowls to raise money and are being sold at lunch every Tuesday.

Vitality Bowls offers a variety of foods, juices, and of course acai bowls. Acai bowls are primarily made up of a base (acai, pitaya, fruit, juices, etc.) and the toppings (fruit, granola, honey, seeds). This makes for the perfect balance of healthy and delicious.

The company was founded by a married couple, Roy and Tara Gilad in San Ramon, CA. It has been carried out by franchise owner Sergeant Belchert here at West Tech. Teachers and students are already loving the new lunch option, like Student Council advisor and teacher, Mrs. Rivera, “It’s a unique opportunity to bring in health options, even if you aren’t health conscience, these Vitality Bowls are very nutritious.”

With the recent decrease of “out of school” lunch options, healthy and inexpensive choices are in short supply. "We usually raise money from the fast selling Canes lunches," says Student Body President, Zachary Marks, "this year, we had to come up with a healthier option to sell". These bowls sell for five dollars every Tuesday in the cafeteria and will continue to sell out, so get yours soon!

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