Crossfit Opens Up to the World

The season of competition and struggle is here as the International Reebok Crossfit Opens begin. From February 22 to March 26, crossfitters all over the world will pack into gyms and garages to complete five workouts to prove themselves and/or make it to the prestigious Crossfit Regionals.

Before 2007, there was nothing for crossfit athletes to see where they ranked or how they compared to others. Crossfit Incorporated partnered with Reebok to create the Crossfit Opens, the Crossfit Regionals, and the Crossfit Games. The three progressions of the annual competition are something that these athletes follow every year.

West Tech crossfitters have been preparing all year for the Opens. More than 70 students from WCTA will go to different Las Vegas crossfit gyms to complete five separate workouts that are announced days before. All who sign up tune in to the Thursday live announcement on the Crossfit Games website and wait to see how the released workout is going to test their limits.

The coaches at West push their students to sign up for the five week long competition and the students who have competed before, encourage newcomers to join. Opens rookie Annie Le Piere, sophomore, said, “Everyone [the coaches and the veterans] thinks the Opens are so important because it is a way to bond as a team.” She talked about how the Opens creates a community of crossfitters, all coming together to work hard and make new friends.

For a school that does not have official sports teams, the Crossfit Opens are a way for West Tech students to strive and work hard in an athletic sense. Coach Jay Jacks said that the Opens are important for students at West and in other high schools because “[the Opens] makes it easy to show a hard working person that perseverance pays off.” Students are now achieving athletic goals instead of just academic goals.

For the rest of the world, it is seen that many push hard for the rankings that they earn, and so now it is time for the students at West Tech to work just as hard for their rankings in the 2018 Crossfit Opens.

Photo Credit: The RX Review

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