Local Legends

It’s pretty simple on the surface: The Vegas Golden Knights are in first place in the Pacific Division, with games in hand, and are in first throughout the entire Western Conference. However, looking deeper into it, the Knights are quickly becoming one of the best sporting stories of all time.

Currently standing 29-10-2, the Knights have already won more games then half the league did in their inaugural season, including the Washington Capitals 8 win season in 1974.

Gerard Gallant is the coach of the ragtag group, and is trying not to get too excited quite yet, stating, “Like I said, we’re not going to get ahead of ourselves. A great start, obviously, but it’s a long year. The guys have got to work hard.”

The Knights have impressed across the sporting world, but they’ve done even more to wow the local community they now call their own.

“I really am in awe with them,” says Rudy Bayona, a local fan. “I had never even watched a hockey game before, but they became so good it was addicting to watch and follow. I couldn’t have imagined a better team.”

A clear reason for why the Knights are doing so well is the line pairing of William Karlsson, Jonathan Marchessault, and Reilly Smith. With two proven wingers doing their part, Karlsson is quickly becoming one of the league's hottest names, leading the team with 22 goals.

“I don't know what he's doing different but he's playing a good, solid game at both ends of the ice,” Coach Gallant says about Karlsson. The line had been doing so well that they were shifted up from the second to first line as of late, stating, “That usually happens. If you play hard on one end you get rewarded on the other.”

The Knight life in Vegas is certainly getting a boost, and it will be exciting to follow the playoff push of these local legends.

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