Struggles of a Student Athlete

When it comes to juggling sports and countless hours of homework, students at West Tech have gone through it all. High school sports have taken a toll on many students’ lives, causing immense amounts of added stress to their already packed schedule.

At West Tech, there are no sports offered to the students; therefore, the only option for students to play sports would have to be at their zoned schools or in a club. This can become very challenging and overwhelming for students. In order to succeed at West Tech, students need to dedicate a large amount of their time on school work and their studies; however, playing sports takes up a lot of time as well.

In order to be a student-athlete, students need to know how to manage their time and balance the two in a way that works best for them. A junior at WCTA who also plays volleyball at Spring Valley HS said, “It gets pretty hard to find time for both school and the sports I play.” Most students do end up finding a good balance for the two but they certainly do struggle to get there.

Another struggle that comes with being a student-athlete is maintaining a healthy social life. Many students who play sports at different schools rarely have time on the weekends to do anything but schoolwork. Junior student Siam Vicuna said, “My social life is affected very much. On weekends I am stuck at home catching up on work and trying to get ahead on projects.”

Being a student-athlete, means students need to maintain certain grades to be eligible to even play in their games. At West Tech, the amount of work can be challenging, but the actual work that needs to be done can be hard as well. Students need to be able to comprehend everything that they learned in class enough to not have to need extra help on the side because they usually have no time for staying after school.

Student-athletes aren’t afraid of hard work and their ready to take on the challenge. Being a student-athlete at West Tech means dedication, perseverance, and time management; these are all qualities that define them well.

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