Fresh and Early First Impressions

As the new year begins, many new students have started their journey to be a successful high school student. Along with being a new student, you must be able to get used to everything since the transition from middle school to high school is terrifyingly enormous. For the first few weeks, I have asked two freshmen for their first impression of high school.

After a few weeks of settling in, our new freshmen students have finally gotten the experience of what West CTA will be like. Freshman, Moira Basiga, says that overall, West Tech is a great school. Not only that, but Moira Basiga mentioned that having less strict rules here at West

made her first few weeks of high school easier. Contrasting her middle school with strict rules, having a relaxing first few weeks of high school helped Moira Basiga settle in much easier.

Speaking of the differences between middle school and high school, Freshman, Dylan Council says that one of the differences that he likes about high school is the block schedule and how school is let out earlier, but of course, in order to go home early, school starts early too… it is one of the many perks of West Tech has to offer. Another one of the perks that most students look forward to was “to see ourselves grow and meet new people” says Dylan Council.

While Moira Basiga says that being in West will be able to grant her great opportunities for the future. She says that by attending as a student at West will challenge her and allow herself to be prepared for the opportunities offered for her in the near future.

Although the new school year had just started, both of our new freshmen had already set a goal for themselves. Both students’ goal was to be able to maintain a strong grade enough to graduate successfully by managing their time properly and not procrastinating. Seeing how well they are already doing, I would say that they fit in perfectly and in just four years, they will be receiving their price of success and hard work.

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