The Face of the Student Body

The student body president of WCTA is a job that cannot be taken lightly. As serious as West Tech is, there are times when the student body has to have fun.

The student body president has the hard task of entertaining the student body, getting everybody involved in school activities, and bettering our West Tech involvement with the community. But who has taken on the heavy task of helping West Tech achieve even higher than last year ?

Parker Samuelson has taken on this demanding job, adding to her already busy schedule. Parker is not only the student body president, but the former sophomore and junior class president. She is a star scholar, NHS member, and former athlete. All of these qualities have formed a girl who is more than eager to serve our student body for the 2018-2019 school year.

When asked what her main focus this school year is she simply replied, “This school year is all about you! We want to increase participation by doing things like having clubs around campus host their own booths at assemblies. We also want to highlight certain things that make West Tech so special by doing things like having a Battle of the Programs!”

Parker will undoubtedly live up to her expectations as our student body president and proudly serve our West Tech community. However, it is important not to forget that one person cannot do this job alone, it takes the whole school. So, be sure to get involved into your school and take advantage of the opportunities that Parker has worked so hard to give us.

Parker Samuelson, our Student Body President

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