Would You Ride the Bus?

How are the school buses affecting the students? Clark County School Buses are running low on drivers which causes the bus to arrive late to school. School buses tend to be late to the bus stop due to not having enough staff members.

Ten people took an anonymous survey on whether or not they enjoyed taking the school bus. Sixty percent of people said that they sometimes enjoy taking the bus. Sophomore, Carmelina Del Rosario says, “I do not like taking the bus because of all of the stops on my way to school and I do not enjoy how crowded it gets.”

Fifty percent of buses have more people on their afternoon bus rather than their morning bus. Sophomore, Winter Nelson comments, “ I do not enjoy taking the bus after school because the bus driver makes girls and boys sit separately from each other. Even when there are open seats, if it is on

the boy side, girls can't sit there and vice versa.”

Buses tend to be very run down and filthy. Sophomore, Mariana Soto comments, “The buses are in terrible condition with the seats literally peeling from the bench structures.”

The bus drivers tend to be very focused on their job, but are overall nice to the students. Winter Nelson agrees, “The bus driver in the morning is okay, he's polite.” Another plus about the buses is that seventy percent of people have the bus stop close to their house.

Buses tend to be about an hour early to your stop depending on how far you are from school. Sophomore, Ashley Martinez adds, “I don’t enjoy waking up so early.” School already starts early, so many students riding the bus in the morning have to wake up about one hour earlier. For these reasons, many students would rather not ride the school bus.

A CCSD bus arriving to pick up students for school.

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