Sports Beyond High School

High school is a time where students need to start thinking and making plans for their future. However, there are many different reasons as to why kids play sports in high school.

Some students, in their first years of high school, play sports to gain a better social life or to keep themselves busy. Towards the end of their high school journey, reality sets in and it’s time for these students to think about what they actually want in life. When this happens, some students quit their sports for the last year of high school so that they can begin to see what the adult world has to offer.

Junior Janay Hawkins, who used to play volleyball recently quit playing because she knew it wasn’t something she was interested in doing once high school was over. “I just didn’t want to waste my time on things that I knew weren’t going to have anything to do with my future.” Hawkins said. “ I realized that junior year was the time to create a plan for myself and actually see what I want.”

There are also students who play sports their whole lives and continue in high school because it is something that they seriously want to grow in and make a career out of it after school. “This sport is everything to me and I can’t see myself without it. I definitely want to go pro for volleyball or at least try to.” said Junior Faith Torosian when asked what she feels for the sport she plays now.

Some students also play sports so that they can gain the high school experience and stay in shape. Junior Siam Vicuna, says that she does it for the social skills because she gets to know what it feels like to be a part of a team. She also said that it helped keep her in shape and gave her that exercise that she needed.

Whether or not student-athletes continue sports in their future, sports are still a great thing for all people to participate in. Staying active is always a good thing, as well as having fun doing something you love.

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