Homecoming Assemblies, Festivities, and Activities

On the week of October 19th, 2018, everyone at West CTA is gearing up for Homecoming Week. Hallways have been decorated, people are anxious for spirit week, Trunk or Treat was set up, and the Homecoming assembly was assembled. Students and staff were ready to hop onto the “groovy” theme of this year’s homecoming: “Decades Rewind.”

During the day of the assembly and the day before the dance, Student Council scheduled everyone to have a tailgate event outside with fun activities and food trucks. The activities included were Tug of War, Kickball, Relay, Mario Kart, Football, and Powderpuff. Although the freshmen and sophomores were separated from the juniors and seniors, everyone still participated in the tailgate activities.

Sophomore Quinn Taylor-Chont participated in the Tug of War against her other classmates and teachers. Taylor-Chont said, “I really like the tug of war and enjoyed it very much because I get to compete against my friends and teachers.” Another comment that Taylor-Chont said about the assembly is that “the assembly this year was so much better than last year because it is more interactive and fun than a normal assembly.”

In charge of setting up the assembly were, sophomore Student Council Member, Alexus Loera and Ashtyn Lee who worked all day during the assembly. Loera said that she watched and kept scores at the Powderpuff game of sophomores and freshmen, while Lee made sure the teachers and students were there and helped assist the referee in the game. Loera also said, “The junior-senior Powderpuff game didn’t happen which means the seniors won by default, and the sophomores won against the freshmen in their Powderpuff game.”

Homecoming Week at West is always rad and tubular. Hallways have been decorated meticulously and the assembly was tight because of all the fun the students had. At the end of the day, many West students enjoyed their totally sick assembly.

Photo Credit: Dominique Lauron, Reporter

Photo Caption: Brief intermission with the dinosaurs during the Freshmen and Sophomores’ assembly.

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