Throwing It Back at Homecoming

On Saturday, October 20, West Tech students went participated in a Decades Rewind at the 2018 West Tech Homecoming. Over 600 people attended this year’s annual dance, but how did the attendees enjoy their experience?

Sophomore Charlotte Coons started off her Homecoming night with pictures and dinner. Coons said, “I was taking pictures at my friend's house since it had really good lighting and backgrounds. Then I went to Wolfgang Puck at DTS to take more pictures and eat with my friends… After the dance me and my friends all went to get milkshakes together to end the night.”

The dance itself was held at our very own WCTA cafeteria. The dance started off with an entrance of glitter streamers, then the walk down to the main floor had both sides covered by iconic objects from every decade like gameboys, peace signs, CDs, records, and famous bands. Purple lights were shining above, and every table had a checkered tablecloth with centerpieces that contained glowing cassettes.

“My favorite part of the dance was the overall atmosphere. The dance was decorated with such cute and colorful decorations that really brightened my mood. Everybody was right in front of the DJ just dancing together and having a great time” mentioned Junior-Rui Ya Wang.

When asked how her last homecoming was, senior Alexa Ching replied, “It was really nice to be with my closest friends since it is all our last homecoming. We all had a blast when we went to take pictures at Spring Mountain Ranch in Red Rock and then to the dance. It’s a bitter-sweet feeling but I still had a lot of fun!”

This year’s homecoming sold tickets at a cheaper price than previous years, but had more attendance than any other year. Due to the participation of the school, this year’s homecoming was more successful than any previous year!

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