Las Vegas Lights

From hockey to basketball, Las Vegas has been gaining new sports teams lately. Now as we join the United Soccer League, we’re pleased to welcome our very own soccer team: The Las Vegas Lights FC.

While we’ve had two professional soccer teams in the past, we have unfortunately lost both due to either a move or financial issues. In April 2017, Brett Lashbrook formed a proposal to our mayor, and the result of that has yet to disappoint sports fans. On August 11th of last year, the news was announced that we will have our very own USL team.

A local soccer fan, Freshman Julianna Puppel, explained, “I was honestly overjoyed when I found out we’re getting a soccer team. I saw the way hockey became very popular here when we formed the Golden Knights, so I believe this will help [the sport] gain attention.”

While fans of the sport have been keeping tabs on the Las Vegas Lights, many students aren’t aware of the new addition we have gained. However, West CTA students could help them the same way we’ve been paying tribute to the Golden Knights. It is important that all Vegas teams acquire endorsement.

“During the first few weeks of school, Golden Knight lanyards were being sold. I think we could do something like that with the Lights. They’re a Vegas team too; they deserve our support,” soccer student Freshman Gregory Cook said.

“It’s an essential for a community to come together every once in a while. That’s why I find it refreshing that we have a soccer team in addition to hockey,” Junior Nikolai Apilado said. “It’s moments where you’re watching the game live, surrounded by people who are cheering for the same team just as loud as you are that make you feel like Vegas is truly home.”

Soccer season may be over, but it’s not too late to meet the team. The Lights are having a Select-A-Seat Event for the 2019 season on November 17th, 2018. They’re also selling tickets on their website for the matches beginning next year.

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