Rhythmic Program Offers Dance, Gymnastics

Are you looking for a new sport that combines dance and gymnastics? Well if you are then Nevada Rhythmic Academy just might satisfy your needs. Nevada Rhythmic Academy is a rhythmic gymnastics program that is local to many people living in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Rhythmic gymnastics is a form of gymnastics emphasizing beauty and grace with apparatus such as clubs, balls, ropes, hoops, or ribbons. Most people might see rhythmic gymnastics featured in the Olympics and many different World Championships. Athletes can compete individually or as a group with their teammates. The FIG, Federation Internationale de Gymnastique, is the rulebook of rhythmic gymnastics.

Nevada Rhythmic Academy offers all of it! Sports director, owner, and pilates instructor Maia Tabakova is a 1996 Olympic Silver Medalist in a group routine, a World Champion in Vienna 1995, and a World Champion in Budapest 1996. She has coached Rhythmic students for over 15 years.

Head coach and owner Tsvetelina Tabakova has trained in Sofia, Bulgaria for about 10 years and was on the National Team of Bulgaria. She trains students from recreational to levels 3-9. Her passion is to be able to create beautiful and graceful Rhythmic Gymnasts.

People who want to join Nevada Rhythmic Academy do not need background experience. The coaches will teach everyone how to develop flexibility and strength.

Apparatus is used by the team to perform routines. Each girl uses 3-4 different apparatuses to perform with. Each gymnast owns about 3-5 competitive leotards, which are blinged out with crystals and rhinestones.

Athletes at Nevada Rhythmic Academy train so hard so that they will rarely have a break. The higher the level, the harder and longer athletes have to train. The gymnasts will take ballet and conditioning classes, but they do not take tumbling classes where they do flips.

Rhythmic gymnast Clara Kang is in level 8 and she started rhythmic gymnastics 3 years ago. “I instantly knew that I wanted to pursue in this sport when I started, and everytime I go to gym I look forward to working hard,” she said.

Rhythmic gymnastics is different to many of the team members. Kang said,“To me, rhythmic gymnastics is an exciting sport that teaches gymnasts hard work while keeping a fit body.”

Maya Vateva is a level 9 rhythmic gymnast who has been training for 8 years since the beginning of the program. In Vateva’s words, “Rhythmic gymnastics taught me all the discipline I ever needed in life, it was basically my life because I was there non-stop everyday.”

Some people that join NRA come from different sports or hobbies. Dana Surwill is a dancer that switched to rhythmic gymnastics. Surwill said, “I switched because I needed a new challenge for my life, and rhythmic gymnastics seemed like a perfect choice for me, but it most importantly taught me time management.”

Rhythmic Gymnastics is a sport for anyone who needs hard work, discipline, flexibility, and strength. Nevada Rhythmic Academy is the only rhythmic gymnastics program in Las Vegas and even Nevada as a whole for anyone looking to accomplish these skills.

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