Nine members, two songs, and one dream makes up the the musical and incoming group jaded fantasy. Established in 2018 in our home town of Las Vegas, Nevada. Having a soulful rock mood, jaded fantasy has been known to make music to express their feelings and emotions.

Five out of nine members of jaded fantasy are Alumni from West Career and Technical Academy, and out of those five, Aisa Dimalanta is known for being one of their lead singers. Dimalanta said, “We established the group for fun and to make music.”

With over 2000 streams through multiple platforms, their latest song “SUMMER (MIDDLE)” was released just over two weeks ago. Many people really do like the mood of the song. Class of 2020, Presley Ibe says, “I really love the overall mood of the song. It brings that summer vibe which is happiness. It also lets you reminisce about that crush you’ve been having all summer.” Beginning with a funk and rock introduction, we begin to hear the vocals of multiple singers with our Dimalanta being the lead singer of this chorus. With a soft and catchy chorus, jaded fantasy leads the listener using the introduction to determine what the type of vibe this song is going to give.

We then lead into the first rap verse of the song by Emmanuel Aleman, also an alumni from WCTA, which describes a girl and how she is the perfect person for her. The second verse is sung by Chris Ortega. His vocal range allows him to create a joyous vibe to it. The third verse is also about the same thing however it’s more about the memories of the girl and how he does not want her to be mad at him. The last part is the chorus and it signifies the end of the song with a repeat of our main vocalist.

Their music and passion helps inspire many different people to also create music. You do not have to be super popular and blow up from one single hit to make music. You just need to have fun and do what you love. This group of talented individuals are doing what they love and have a passion for it. You could maybe catch them around doing things in Vegas that we do. Go out to eat, cruise around, and live life.

There is a big future for jaded fantasy as they rise up in our community. Their production quality is increasing and their fanbase is also rapidly increasing with their new releases. With many more years to spare, they have a huge future ahead of them. Dimalanta said, “Our future focus? Probably to keep making music and doing what we love to do.”

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