Controversies in LGBT

There are a few things that have come to my attention as of late. (1) Donald Trump is not holding back his opinions of the LGBT community, and (2) there are a lot of internal conflicts within the LGBT community, many of which I have strong, and sometimes unpopular, opinions about.

Let’s start with the most national conflict: Trump and his strong beliefs. Donald Trump has been doing his best to undermine the policies that Obama enforced to protect transgender individuals, and to many people, these new policies are devastating. I understand this devastation, but even so, I’m not complaining because I find that useless. Donald Trump is the president; his actions cannot be undone by complaints and protests, and complaining will likely just anger him more and increase his dislike for the unique people that make up the colorful community. Like the commonly said slang phrase of this generation, 'it really do be like that sometimes'.

Now with politics out of the way, which is always a fun topic for discussion, let’s talk about the petty issues within the community. (1) Some LGBT people hate on others in the community. Gays hate bisexuals, some bisexuals hate trans people, and nonbinary people are sometimes forgotten. My question is why? One identity is not superior than the next because they all used to be considered illegitimate; they’re all a minority. It’s similar to how biracial children are discriminated against by both sides of their ethnic mix. What kind of backwards logic justifies the discrimination of someone that is part of your culture?

Another popular topic of discussion is LGBT characters being played by straight, cisgender actors. I don’t understand the logic behind this argument either. I don’t think gender and sexual identity should go into much consideration at all. Just chose whoever plays the part best. If someone that is straight is a better actor than someone who is gay, then so be it. Now, I understand if you’re worried about discrimination against LGBT actors and the denying of roles because of their orientation, which is a concern of Senior Audrey Groenlykke, but that’s a separate issue. On the other hand, if you’re worried about genuinity and accuracy, consider the following. Imagine if a doctors role in a show had to be acted out by a certified professional. That’s absurd. (1) Doctors usually aren’t actors, they’re doctors, and (2) the job of an actor is to make the audience believe they are the character. Now, when I was discussing this topic with another individual, they tried to make the point that caucasian actors don’t play African American roles... Obviously, that is true, and I should not have to explain why it is. Let’s say the role of T’challa in Black Panther was given to a white man. There are obvious inappropriate cultural issues with that casting.

There’s nothing more I can say regarding this topic. Emotion trumps logic. It’s as simple as that. But remember, this is my opinion, and I’m in no way trying to say your opinion is invalid or wrong. I believe certain things just like you. The real lesson learned today is that T’challa is a black man, and he should stay that way.

Photo Caption: LGBT Rage

Photo Credit: Max Whittaker—Getty Images

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