Hoax Moon Landing

Conspiracy theories have been around for many years. They are the belief that huge events were faked or that either someone or something is covering it up. One theory many may have heard is that the moon landing was fake. Many would assume this theory is unrealistic.

Why would America fake the moon landing? Well during 1957-1975, there was a space race, in which the two cold war rivals, the US and the Soviet Union were involved. Both were competing for domination is space exploration. and spaceflight. So far, America was losing it. If America were to go to the moon, wouldn’t that make America win?

On the Apollo 11 moon landing picture, it shows Neil Armstrong getting an American flag and placing it in the ground. When looking closer, the flag appears to wave, as though there is wind. In space however, there is no wind. There were also no stars shown throughout the entire video.Additionally, there were also odd shadows around the astronauts, like the lighting was changed frequently. Freshman Drake Avisado said, “I saw like a lot of conspiracy videos about it. There's like a lot of evidence that it was fake but I don't know.”

It is also believed that the video was edited to slow down, to have the gravity and weightless effect. There was also a rock labeled with the letter C. It seemed as if it was a labeled stage prop accidently facing the wrong way. Some pictures taken from the landing showed odd lights, possibly stage lights.

As evidence continues to reveal, many begin to wonder if it was a hoax. However, the moon landing was indeed real, because of all the evidence proves it.

Photo Credit: NBC News

Photo Caption: Apollo 11 Moon Landing

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