How Kids Can Help Kids

It is no secret that our world is not perfect. Natural disasters, inequality, wars and violence are widespread in today’s society. The shortage of resources like education, water and food that those problems can cause is detrimental to quality of life of children living in regions where the problems are the most prevalent.

On December 11, 1946, the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) was founded. The organization was started to supply food, clothing and health care to European children suffering from the devastation of World War II. UNICEF is still operating to aid children worldwide. UNICEF’s main goal is supporting children’s rights. It provides children with education and better health care. It also aids children affected by human conflicts and natural hazards.

Fundraising and donating is one of the major ways anyone can help UNICEF. One of UNICEF’s annual fundraisers is Trick-or-Treat For UNICEF where people can Trick-or-Treat to collect donations that will go to children in need. Since 1950, this fundraiser alone obtained $177 million. Every dollar collected counts; just 50 cents can provide a package of food to a malnourished child.

UNICEF has many clubs that are dedicated to help UNICEF with its goals in the US and other countries. Students at West CTA can help UNICEF’s cause by contacting The WCTA UNICEF Club’s officers and members.

Last year the club collected around $500 and the goal for 2018’s TOT 4 UNICEF is to raise $1,000, states the club’s President, Margaret Harris. Historian, Kalina Tatareva and Secretary, Lesha Jackson said that “We already surpassed our goal for Trick or Treat for UNICEF from last year, and are only halfway through the fundraiser.”

Volunteering is another way to support the cause. Lauren Antin, Vice President of the club, says that “ WCTA UNICEF club strongly encourages a wide variety of people to attend service events. We enjoy working with people who participate in different clubs as we feel it’s significant to work towards a common goal while being able to reach people throughout the school.”

Children are the future of this world. Providing resources for their education and other essential needs is what can help us progress as a society. Every helping hand, every donation and every extra person who is moved by the problem is a step closer to making our world a better place.

Photo Caption: Children on their way home from school in Mougna, central Mali.

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