ID Badges Take Charge

The new school-wide rule stating that students are required to wear their ID badges daily has struck the whole student body. Many complaints arose when the principal instituted this new rule and some students tried to protest against it. Nevertheless, the admin have necessitated the badges in an effort to ensure safety.

Security issues have increased recently with reports of school shootings and security breaches swarming the news.WCTA principal, Amy Rozar said, “we didn’t make it a requirement until there was some recent and very serious security breaches in other schools. And although our school has always been pretty safe, we’ve had very few incidents that cause me concern.” Even though West Tech is mostly safe, other schools in the area, as well as the rest of the U.S., have inspired the principal. Rozar added, “It’s just a safer thing to have us know for sure that a student walking onto our campus, actually is a student here.”

Yet, students don’t like being told what to do, especially when it comes to clothes. Because of this, conflict sparks between the students and the admin; many students either forget their badges or they don't want to wear them. WCTA Dean, Jan Snipes said, “It’s still a little tough because we have some students who are very forgetful.”

“Teachers should be more strict about it, because they’re required to wear theirs,” added Ms. Snipes. In all fairness, since teachers are required to wear identification, then students should too for the purpose of safety. But do the students really see value in the use of ID badges?

WCTA freshman, Ryan Lee, said, “It's not that I forget to wear my badge, it's that I just don't wear it, even though I know I should.” The ID badges seem to be losing their purpose. “No, not at all,” Lee says after being asked if the badges made him feel safer.

However, if the policy set forth continues to be ineffective, WCTA is considering further security procedures to ensure the well-being of our student body. WCTA principal, Mrs. Rozar added, “we’re looking at some additional security measures. Anything we can do to increase security and safety for our students and our staff is number one concern for me.”

Still, the ID Badges promote the protection of students and staff on campus. The students may not agree, but administration thinks otherwise. Security has always been vital at a public school, and any action that assists in safety is worth the trouble.

Photo Credit: Elvin Kosata

Photo Caption: Common lower class ID badge; used for identification, and for checking out school items by barcode.

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