Is College the Only Way to Success

Being in our final years of school, the future is something that weighs upon our minds whether we want it to or not.

From our peers, family, and especially school, we receive much guidance for proceeding into life after high school ends. One of those popular suggestions is college, and for some, this is the only option that is acceptable. But is it really necessary for a successful future?

It is known that attending a college and getting a degree can open up many opportunities for success. The knowledge you gain can help you pursue your desired job or career, and is an experience that will teach you much more than just books.

Though many students are aware of this, many are not exposed to the different options that one has after graduation, other than college, that can be just as successful.

One of those options is to take a gap year off and spend that time interning, volunteering, travelling, seeing new cultures, doing whatever you please to help you explore your interests before committing to a study.

Another option is to go through a trade/vocational program for a direct path for a specific,

desired job. Lastly, one could go straight to working and where you can vital skills and gain more independence secularly.

These are just few options out of many, but it is evident that there are so many options after high school that both teachers and students don’t talk enough about.

Interviewing Dominic Pané, who went to college and is now a teacher, I gained more insight on this topic. Following in his brother’s footsteps, he felt inclined to go to college, especially since his scholarships paid for most of it.

He advises those who are indecisive about college to not attend if their sole reason is pressure from your peers or family. He explained further,“If you do decide to attend college, it should be because it will help you and your own personal goals, whatever that may be.”

We will allow a lot of pressure to cloud our judgement and confuse us as to how we can find success after high school. Despite this, it is important to remember and understand your own goals before you start considering how to get there.

The truth is, is that college will not guarantee a successful job. The only thing that can is your education, motivation, and work ethic, whether that means if you decide to go to college or not.

Photo Credit: Hartford Courant

Photo Caption: The end of highschool marks the beginning of many opportunities

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