Wii Love Sports

A video game that promotes wellness and exercise. It seems hypocritical, but it is exactly what influential Wii Sports did.

With video games increasing in popularity, more and more people are handing in their gym memberships for gaming consoles. How do companies get people who are typically very inactive, to turn their lives around?

Wii responded to this crisis by making Wii Sports, a video game filled with different, competitive sports that forced people to get up and move. By using fun, interactive games, Wii Sports assisted an entire generation in learning how to workout in a positive way.

Coach Gearin, WCTA’s crossfit and health teacher says, “I believe that Wii Sports is a great way to get the people who mostly sit on their couch and play video games, to get up and actually exercise.”

Most students can remember a time where they went over to a friend’s house to play Wii Sports or spending an hour after school practicing their Wii tennis skills. Freshman Steven Santiago says,” I always used to play Wii Sports. I love Wii Sports! I used to be good at the bowling game.”

Other students were heavily influenced by Wii Sports, whether they recognize it or not. “I first started ‘playing’ tennis on Wii Sports. Now I play for the Palo Verde High School team. It’s crazy how that works,” says freshman Leah Yerkins.

The iconic games played on Wii Sports are recognized with hint of nostalgia as it isn’t as popular as it once was. This may be a step back in video games encouraging movement and activity.

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