Politics in the Classroom

In the United States, talking about politics is an avoided topic for students and teachers in schools.

The idea of politics can be a frightening topic to many people. Politics is unspeakable because of possible conflicts that may occur with family and sometimes even friends.

Although, often times politics is an avoided topic of discussion, students should be more informed, and willing to understand it, rather than just walk away. Junior Anja Zivak says “The classroom should be a safe place where students and teachers can say their opinion, but know their limits to what’s wrong and what’s right. Teachers have to be careful on how they present the information that they believe in, without offending students.”

Politics is such an important topic that is being pushed to the side, but something should be done to bring this topic up into society without causing any divides or conflict.

People need to be properly informed about the candidates before they vote for who they want to represent them. For people to choose who will represent them, is based on how much they know about the candidate and who they think is better suitable for the position.

Without students being properly informed, they won’t know who is better suited. Informed students can make their own political reasoning, without basing it on what other people tell them to believe. Junior Anja Zivak believes that schools avoid politics because of the students own political beliefs “We are taught to believe in our own, but when we are told our beliefs are wrong, it causes problems.”

Democracy is a system that has been proven to only work if people are properly informed, and if people make rational and critical decisions. Critical choices can’t be completely up to common people that aren’t informed on something that can change the course of history, it should be up to people that know the system and really understand it. There are many examples in history where the wrong choice was made and altered history for the best or for the worst.

The point is that every person has the right to make a choice. Voting is not an easy thing to do, but someone who isn’t informed properly is voting for a random person every four years. Studying and analyzing the facts can help make a choice for not just them but everybody else.

Discussing politics can allow others to influence one another and understand where the other person is coming from. People sharing what they think about a topic can lead people to make a rational decision, which can help them determine who they would want to vote for.

When it comes to big issues, like politics, it’s better to start a conversation about it rather than ignore the topic. Politics can help students in the future when it’s their time to vote, and they will have a better understanding on how the system works.

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