WCTA Takes on The Sun Youth Forum

The Sun Youth Forum is an annual convention that takes place at the Las Vegas Convention Center every year. The 62nd annual forum was held Thursday, November 29th and had over 1,000 students from across the valley participate. WCTA had five delegates all placed in different conference rooms: three Juniors and two Seniors.

All Five delegates from WCTA were placed in separate conference rooms that had different political themes and spoke to various political figures. The themes discussed include: issues of Nevada, global affairs, controversial U.S. issues, and struggles teenagers face.

For four hours, the delegates sat in front of the politicians and answered questions based off the given theme. The politician wrote down all the different viewpoints that were discussed by delegates so that he knows, and can inform his colleges, how the younger generations feel about politics today.

Junior Sun Youth Forum delegate, Karina Garcia, said “ It was really interesting to see people get so passionate about a topic. There were even people getting emotional and crying in my room because some of the issues like mental health ad gun control were so personal. My topic was on issues teenagers face, and it was a really cool experience to what different groups of people face and how current events shape who we are.”

“The Sun Youth Forum allows students from everywhere express their opinions on a given political issue in front of a political or some sort of political figure. I think it’s really cool to see all of the students show what they are passionate about, especially in front of people who have political power who are there to listen to what the students have to say” said Sun Youth advisor Lindsey Chamberlin.

West CTA represented our school very professionally in front of politicians, and the delegates had their voices heard by politicians. These delegates have had an impact on the U.S. government, and will continue to do great things in the world.

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