No Winter Assembly

The Winter Assembly was a getaway for many West Tech students in the previous years, but their getaway may be over starting this year. The Winter Assembly was a time for all students to have fun before winter break and exams.

Many parents voted off having the Winter Assembly this year because students weren’t preparing efficiently for their semester exams. Parents believed that teachers should be preparing them better instead of giving them free time.

When students found out about the school canceling the Winter assembly they weren’t too happy. The Winter Assembly was a way for students to take a short break from cramming so much information for exams.

Teachers and staff took part in cancelling the Winter Assembly because they wanted to listen to what the parents wanted. WCTA staff doesn’t want students to do poorly on their semester exams, so they knew that it was the right thing to do for the parents and students.

Parent Norlem La Rosa says, “I know that students are tired of learning towards the end of winter break, but they shouldn’t take a break right before exams.” Many parents agree with La Rosa’s opinion, but the students aren’t happy about what their parents are thinking.

Students believe that they deserve a break due to getting lots of homework, last minute assignments turned in, and tests. The Winter Assembly was a perfect way to start winter break.

Now that the Winter Assembly is cancelled, students must start mentally preparing themselves for eight classes of exams. Teachers are handing out more work than the previous years when there was an assembly, and this is causing all the students to start stressing out.

Freshman at WCTA, Michelle Maizel says, “I’m very disappointed that we won’t be having an assembly this year because I was really looking forward to having one and being able to take a short break before exams.”

The real question is, how do you feel about the Winter Assembly being cancelled? Should students have the assembly as a break, or should they keep it canceled and study more efficiently for their semester exams?

Instead of having fun at the Winter Assembly, students are cramming for exams.

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