Sports Winter Wonderland

Santa isn’t the only thing coming to town this season! Winter sports are now in full affect, with sports like basketball, football, hockey, flag football, and so many more taking over the city!

Las Vegas used to be known for its casinos, gambling, city lights, and so much more. But until recently, Vegas is getting recognized for something that means so much more… sports! Last year, the city of Las Vegas was introduced to the famous Golden Knights hockey team and they brought so much excitement and love to the community.

It’s about that time to hit the rinks again and watch the team that brought Las Vegas so much joy participate in the new hockey season. Alongside hockey, football and basketball are also now in season and are shaking up excitement and nerves all around the nation.

Within high schools, flag football, wrestling, and basketball are also some of the more popular sports going on right now. Junior Siam Vicuna said, “I’m on the varsity flag football team at Spring Valley this year and I couldn’t be more excited to play one of the sports I love the most.” She also shared that she was most anxious to watch college basketball this season.

Junior Faith Torosian, also mentioned, “I think hockey will be a huge hit again this winter just because everyone in Vegas loves them so much already, and they have done so much for our city.” At West Tech, students love the Golden Knights and many of them attend their games as well.

With the holidays quickly approaching, and so much going on, it’s amazing how many people still make the time to cheer on and support their favorite sports teams. As Santa slides down the chimneys, he’ll be sure to see the sports channel on each home’s TV.

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