Articulate Your Way Through the Speech and Debate Club

“Good morning judge. I stand in firm affirmation of the following resolution…!” As the debater presents his case, his opponent can be seen scrambling notes on the side while the judge is observing the speaker intently. This is one of many situations that a debater will encounter as they compete in various competitions.

WCTA’s Speech and Debate club, headed by Mr. Rawlins, is dedicated to building the public speaking skills of students and showcasing them through many competitions that occur across the city. The club allows students to come together as a team and represent the school in these competitions.

In club meetings, students choose whether they want to compete in speech events, which involve giving speeches about various topics, or debate events, where people compete for different sides regarding an issue and attempt to beat their opponents. Upon deciding their events, students spend much of the meetings preparing the necessary material for their events.

Club President Alex Wong believes that being a part of the team gives him a way to express himself and meet new people from many other schools. Wong said, “One of the best ways Speech and Debate has benefitted me is that it has made me more comfortable in public speaking.” Wong believes that it is important to keep an open mind about the club and for anyone who is on the fence about joining the club, they should be aware that they can learn many new skills and have fun at the same time.

Speech and Debate is a club meant for those who enjoy public speaking and want to test their skills against other kids around the city. While there certainly is a lot of dedication and hard work associated with it, it can be a very rewarding experience and can help people build lasting relationships with their fellow team members.

Graphic of 2 debaters competing in front of an audience, a common scene in competitions;

Photo Credit: San Juan Unified School District

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