Artist Spotlight: COMETHAZINE

“Bands Bands thats a check talking,” a lyric from “Bands” by up and coming rapper Comethazine. The rapper Comethazine, or Jahmier Velazquez, was born in St. Louis, Missouri on July 6th, 1998.

Some of his most known songs are “Bands” with 38 million current streams on Spotify, “Walk” with 36 million “ Let It Eat” with 18 million, and “DEMAR DEROZAN”, which is featured in his new mixtape “Bawskee”2”, and currently has 2 million streams on Spotify. He previously collabed with artists such as Ugly God and Lil Yachty.

He previously dropped a total of 4 singles, leading up to Bawskee 2. The songs “DeMar DeRozan”, “High Riser”, “Hero”, “Oowee”, and “Demi” all dropped last year as independent singles. “Hero”, “Oowee”, and “Demi”, made it on “Bawskee”, while “DeMar DeRozan” was released on “Bawskee 2”.

Like most rappers, Comethazine’s album and songs are explicit, meaning it contains very strong and heavy language, so before listening be aware of your surroundings.

Bawskee 2” is his most recent mixtape and contains a total of 10 songs, and the tracklist is only 14 minutes long, while “Bawskee” was 31 minutes, double the length of “Bawskee 2”, and contains 16 songs. So far, Comethazine has 300 studio mix tapes, his EP “Aloe Vera”, and 16 singles.

“Comethazine, he’s an alright rapper, he has some straight up bangers and they’re all pretty fire. He’s not the best rapper, but he’s not horrible either, he’s just average but with some fire songs.” said freshman Jiah Denman.

Although Comethazine has grown in terms of popularity, majority of people don’t give him the recognition, a tweet from Comethazine last March addresses this issue and says, “XXL sus…”

XXL is a platform that provides news on current news, released music, and any changes in the hip-hop/rap community, and is very notorious for their XXL Freshman class. The XXL Freshman class helps up and coming rappers gain exposure by spitting freestyles over a beat. Comethazine was nowhere in the nominations and he expressed his frustration on his Twitter, “When I look at this XXL nomination list and see some of the people nominated and not myself it makes me wonder who’s the source behind listening to music at XXL [...] Dorks.”

Comethazine’s rap career has barely begun, and he still has a long way to go. We still have to see what Comethazine has to offer and what he has to contribute to the rap game.

Photo Credit: XXL Mag

“Bands” and Let It Eat” were featured on the first Bawskee, and lead to Comethazine rising in popularity.

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