As If It Came Out of a Movie

During the first semester of English 10 Honors, many students watched a movie called, Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable. The movie was shown to the students to get them to think deeper, think critically, and to question everything says one of the English 10 Honors teacher, Mrs. Young.

The movie was about an exhibition at the coast of East Africa, where British contemporary artist, Damien Hirst “found some treasures and sculptures.” Little did the students know, that the movie was a mockumentary made by Hirst himself. The statues and treasures Hirst found in the movie, was made by himself.

Most students that have watched the mockumentary did not realize that the movie was fake until the end of the movie or after they have done some research. Sophomore, Alexandra Corcodel says, “When first watching the documentary I somewhat believed that it was real.” While Sophomore, Patricia Song says, “I thought it was pretty cool, especially those big statues.” Although both Corcodel and Song thought that the statues were cool, they both noticed that the statues were not real at the end of the movie.

At the very end of the movie, many pop-culture icons appeared as statues. Corcodel says, “When I took a closer look, I noticed that at the end of the movie, a statue of Mickey Mouse and Rihanna has appeared.” Song says that she thought the movie was pretty cool to watch before she knew it was fake. Now, a few months later, it was announced that one of the statues of Hirst will be relocated to the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas.

“I think the statue is an amazing piece of modern art, as were many of the other exhibits. I also think that it suits the rebranding of the Palms as the hotel has another Damien Hirst work in their bar,” says Mrs. Young. Now that the $14 million statues are being moved to the Palms Resort, both Corcodel and Song said that it will surely attract many visitors and tourists towards the hotel.

Sixty foot statue of Damien Hirst currently displayed at the courtyard of Palazzo Grassi.

Photo Credit: Miguel Medina, Getty Images

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