Mrs. Rozar Reviews the Hamilton Play

Since it was first performed on Broadway in Aug. 2015, Hamilton, which was written, composed, and produced by Lin-Manuel Miranda, has travelled across the nation, from Chicago to New York City to even Puerto Rico.

Mrs. Rozar has seen Hamilton three times and personally recommends it to all students at WCTA. She first saw the play three years ago with former WCTA theater teacher Mr. Cotton and a group of theater students in New York City. She saw it once more in Chicago and most recently saw it with her husband a year ago once again in New York. “I loved it that much,” Mrs. Rozar said.

Mrs. Rozar was drawn to Hamilton by its soundtrack, which she described as amazing and listened to prior to her first time seeing play. Viewing the play drew her all the more closer.

“That opening, selection, ‘Not Going to Throw Away My Shot’ just grabs you. A little bit of hip hop, a little bit of rap.”

In Mrs. Rozar’s opinion, the music was the strongest component of the play. Along with live vocals, there was a live orchestra at the play.

“I love it because it makes up a lot of the music that I like. It went to music that came from the seventeen hundreds in the background with harpsichord to rap to hip hop. It just really appealed to a wide audience. And I think that is what made it such a phenomenon; it was just so accessible by other people.”

A complimentary feature to the music was the “unbelievable” choreography, or dance sequences, that were performed during the play’s musical numbers. A brief history lesson from Mrs. Rozar

“When they were doing the script, Lin-Manuel Miranda was playing the piano, and the choreographer was in his head thinking how that would be acted out by all the characters, the backup dancers, and the choir. It was very organic the way it happened. It took 6 years to write this before he ever produced it. Super talented guy.”

In college, Mrs. Rozar minored in History. As a teacher, she taught Math, Science, and History, so she had a little bit of historical knowledge which also drove her interest in the story.

“Seeing all the characters and underlying decisions that went behind the biggest elements of our constitution and of the battle of independence,... it was so clever the way they wove in the fact and a storyline that was a little more dramatic…it’s so unexpected because the cast is not all white [as] the founding fathers were.” Mrs. Rozar continued, “It was so amazing just to see these amazing historical figures with every color, male, female. [Lin-Manuel Miranda] mixed everything up.”

Even though the play runs for nearly three hours, it hurt Mrs. Rozar when the intermission came. “I was like ‘no, no, I don’t want to stop, keep going!’” Mrs. Rozar said. The story “captivated” Mrs. Rozar. “[It] flowed so well.”

Mrs. Rozar personally recommends the Hamilton play to all WCTA students.

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