Oh My W.O.D.!

There’s nothing like a hard workout to get you off that couch and away from those week old Lay’s chips...yeah, you know who you are. We have all, at some point, had an opportunity to work out, promised that we would go through with it, and then failed to fulfil that promise. Well, the Open is yet another perfect opportunity that you seriously do not want to miss out on.

The Open is the biggest participatory competition in the crossfit world and it's taking place very soon! Athletes from all around the world are entering at games.crossfit.com, to compete against hundreds of thousands of voluntary participants.

Starting on February 21, new challenges will be posted every Thursday for 5 weeks straight, giving contestants time from Friday to Monday to finish the workout.

This competition is global; anyone willing to participate can workout from anywhere as long as they have equipment and proof, so the competition is on! Don’t worry; participants are categorized by age groups and gender so that everyone gets a fair chance.

Every Friday through Monday, WTCF will workout for the W.O.D. that is posted that past Thursday, and WCTA students will meet at various affiliate gyms across Las Vegas on every Saturday of each week. CrossFit student, and sophomore, Ryan Lockhart said “Crossfit helped me get into much better shape. I’ve been doing it for two years and I’ve lost a lot of weight and I’m a lot stronger. It’s just a great family experience, which is a really cool thing.”

If for any reason, you cannot attend during the weekend, students have Friday and Monday to workout at the WCTA CrossFit club after school. This event is a great chance to bring out the inner Beast Mode that we all know you’re hiding, *wink, nudge*. And not only that, but this is a one of a kind opportunity to expose yourself to some of the most advanced and legitimate CrossFit workouts and exercises that are out there.

Lockhart said “Crossfit is really just a combination of multiple different weightlifting exercises, but the Opens are a way for us to get competitive and actually see it in a competition in a professional manner”. However, this is not like your traditional competition; contestants are not required to meet at preselected locations as long as they complete the workout within the given time frame. The Open is bringing back the personalized scoreboards, which give participants the ability to workout and record their scores whenever they want, wherever they want, opening doors to more athletes than ever before!

Seems to me like the pressure is on. Are you up to the challenge or will you cower under the overwhelming competitive spirit like you always do? As Coach Gearin would say, “I guess you don't want those gains as bad as you say.”

Open up your mind to the world of crossfit this month of February, and go get your gains at games.crossfit.com to join the WTCF family!

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