Parents Getting Grips With CCSD Issues

Is CCSD fixing their issues, or are parents of students here to fix the issues? It seems like the parents are here to resolve the issues so that students can learn in a better environment. Clark County School District leaders and parents are targeting the year 2024 for changes that will help raise the performance of the district's schools for better education.

CCSD is encountering issues with being able to give students the education they deserve. Some of the issues are bad grades, low graduation rates, safety, many absences, and not having enough teachers.

K-12 education has been viewed as “poor” and “extremely bad” by 53% of people who have taken the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance survey.

Parents are here to help straighten up the school system by joining meetings with CCSD to start fixing problems like class sizes and student safety. Frances Dunn, a mother of two CCSD students, says, “They get taken up when the students that aren't advanced get left behind because they are still stuck on the first item.”

Town hall meetings have been enforced to discuss the issues. The first of eight scheduled town hall meetings took place at the Henderson Convention Center. These meetings will go on for at least 7 more months.

“I believe that CCSD will finally recognize the issues that we are going through and actually fix them,” said Najee Hawkins, CCSD student.

Many locals are now sure that the issues will be fixed ever since parents have stepped in to make a change for students.

The Town Hall where ideas are being shared by parents to help students.

Photo Credit: Las Vegas Now

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