Shooting for the Stars

West Tech’s archery team is aiming high and letting it fly! The team has been preparing for one of their most important competitions: The National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP). But in order to succeed, they had to undergo months of preparation and hard work.

For the last few months, the team has been practicing for the state tournament, which takes place at South Point on February 6. Hundreds of students from different schools in Nevada meet in the big arenas and spend a whole day competing.

In order to be fully prepared, every Wednesday the members practice in a way that resembles the tournament. Archery Coach Ms. Rossiter said, “I decided to set up the practices to stimulate the actual competition. So we go through competition style every practice.” By having practices that are similar to the actual tournament, the members use this as an opportunity to improve each time.

To continue, the team is hoping to prove how hard they have been working for this past semester and aim the highest they can. Archery team member and Freshman Drake Avisado said, “It’s really just a test to see how much we’ve improved and how well we can work under pressure.”

As the members are anticipating to win first place, they are also hoping to see their teammates do well. Over the last few months, the members have been able to grow not only as a team but as a family. Avisado stated, “I also want to see all of my other friends doing well...From the past semester, we’ve practiced together and we’ve learned from each other.”

However, as they have already won several titles, they are not giving up until they win again and qualify for the next big competition. Rossiter stated, “We are hoping, myself and the team,…that we will qualify for the Nationals...That’s why a score, not by placement, but a score, [will qualify] us for Nationals.”

The Nationals is just the next step for the members that qualify from the NASP tournament. Taking place two months after NASP, the individuals that are eligible to compete will go against other schools in the nation. The goal for Nationals, as Rossiter mentions, “[is to] take first place and that’s our goal!”

Looks like they are aiming precisely at the target, literally and figuratively! With the members deciding to shoot their shot at the upcoming competition, they are looking forward to bringing home yet another archery title to West Tech.

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WCTA’s archery team set up to practice for the NASP competition, which takes place on February 6.

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