“Photography Can’t Be Taught”

Ever since Ethan Schutze was a little, he loved to create, making movies in his neighborhood with his friends, going out and taking pictures of everything. One day, Schutze took a picture using his mother’s phone. She thought it was amazing, as all mothers would inherently, so she spread the photo around her friend group. When one of the photo recipients, a professional photographer, said told Ms. Schutze the photo was excellent as well, she knew her son, Ethan Schutze had a gift.

Even before the picture, Schutze was interested in photography but hadn’t started taking it seriously until his mother placed him in a Photography class at WCTA in his freshman year. Friendly competitions with his photography classmates lead Schutze to produce more intimate works. Now senior, Schutze is an up-and-coming photographer. Although he does do portraits, Schutze primarily photographs landscapes.

“Honestly, I just always loved nature, loved being outdoors. The sense of exploration and self-discovery, finding myself and who I am in nature.” Schutze wants to do more than just put his name out there, he wants to share his works with the public and encourage others to explore the outdoors themselves.

Schutze frequently travels for photography. However, he likes to stray away from the famous, more common locations. “You see them so often. When you show someone a secret place that they’ve never seen before, it’s just different and more exciting that way.” Schutze continued. “I am trying to be original with my work. Rather than following the trends, I’m trying to make my own waves.”

Schutze takes his photography seriously and sacrifices his a lot of his time on the world. “You have to be patient and know when the lighting is perfect for taking a shot. Sometimes, I wait hours for a photo and go home with nothing as it wasn’t exactly what I envisioned.”

“I feel as though photography almost can’t be taught. It’s all about trial and error and experiencing. Trying new techniques out and seeing what I like and what my audience prefers.”

Schutze tells aspiring landscape photographers: “Landscape photography is less about the photographer and photo and more about nature and its raw beauty. It doesn’t really matter what you shoot on or how you shoot it’s just getting out there and taking photos… If you keep relying on your gear and keep making excuses for not going outside, you’re just never gonna get that one photo that you love.”

Below are some of Schutze’s works and his socials if you are interested in seeing more.

Instagram: @schutzephotography

Website: https://schutzephotography.myportfolio.com/

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