‘YOU’ Review

Netflix has satisfied audience members with its release of brand new ‘Netflix Originals’ shows and movies. One of the shows that has caught the attention of many is ‘YOU’.

‘YOU’ follows the main character Joe who meets love interest Beck and ends up having an obsessed attachment to her within the first episode. The show allows us to hear Joe’s inner thoughts and discover his twisted motives to ensure that he gets the girl, one way or another.

While the concept is interesting and has a plot that isn’t as common as other shows, many have undecided feelings about Joe Goldberg. Some fans couldn’t help but love his complex and damaged character.

Throughout the first season, flashback scenes from Joe’s childhood are shown to help us understand the emotional abuse he’s suffered and why he’s able to justify his actions so easily.

Freshman, Rezq Fatoh, said, “From following her around to sabotaging friendships and keeping his horrible accomplishments in a box, ‘YOU’ gives the perspective of a psychopath who validates his sinister behavior with his pure intentions. He’s a horrible person, which makes the show that much more interesting.”

Megan Jensen, freshmen said, “Joe isn’t a person you like easily. He does horrible things for the sake of love, but you can’t help root for him sometimes. We know he’s a bad person, but we don’t want him getting caught. If he doesn’t get with Beck, it would have all been for nothing.”

While some were rooting for Penn Badgley’s character, others were not so thrilled with his success. Audience members, such as the actor himself, believed that Joe was a toxic character who received much more affection from the viewers than he deserved.

Actor Penn Badgley said, “The amount of people romanticizing my character in ‘YOU’ scares me. It will be all the motivation I need for season two.”

Netflix’s ‘YOU’ is a show that keeps you on your toes and makes you question if you truly know your friends. It’s a must watch that has fans anxiously waiting for the release of season two.

Netflix’s ‘YOU’ is a complex show that has WCTA students talking about their favorite moments.

Photo Credit: Alexa Hernandez - La Rosa

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