American Boybands Rising Again

After the demand for NSYNC, the Backstreet Boys, and Big Time Rush decreased, the demand for new American boy bands increased. So when 2018 came around, the entertainment industry came back booming with new artists. Here are some breakout American boybands you should listen to.

Why Don’t We is among the few bands that rose to fame in a short amount of time. As they were once solo artists, they decided to form a group in 2016 and have only gone up from there. With already releasing five extended plays (also known as EPs, or a record that contains more than one song), several hit singles, and having a collaboration with a fellow YouTuber, their debut album, “8 Letters” (which came out in late 2018) will take them on their fifth tour in their careers.

With their approach of trying different genres for each set of songs, their reach of trying something different has gotten the attention of millions of teenagers worldwide. Freshman Sofie Cherry said, “What makes them so different is with the music they put out, they have their own vibe. The music they put out is also enjoyed by many teens, which is why they’ve become so popular.”

PRETTYMUCH is yet another group of artists that have hit the charts. Being an all-singing, all-dancing band, their ambitious design of alternative pop and R&B is what has made them stand out from other bands. Freshman Abigail Daniel stated, “I think the idea of boybands nowadays is so formulated. I feel that PRETTYMUCH breaks away from that stereotype.”

As they have already released their own EP called “PRETTYMUCH an EP” and singles that have made it onto tons of radios, teenagers find their taste more intriguing than ever. Daniel said, “They are so carefree, make music they enjoy and we enjoy, and genuinely live their lives as they please, so I think that’s what makes them so popular with teens.”

In Real Life is just one more American boy band that isn’t as big, but are slowly rising to fame. Freshman Tisha Potijaroen said, “The way they perform is different from other boybands. It is something new that teenagers should be willing to experience, have fun with, and try out.”

With their main genre being pop, their touches of rap, dance-pop, and latin-pop are the reason why they’ve gotten so successful so quickly. Potijaroen mentions, “Their style is different than what the usual pop is. They give out good vibes and it rubs off on us, and that’s why it appeals to teenagers. It makes us happy!” As their hit singles and tours they’ve done already appealed to so many people, they hope to appeal more as time goes on.

Now that it’s 2019, it’s time to try different music! Yes, they’re boybands, but it’s “PRETTYMUCH” a new era of boy bands! And it’s happening, right now, “In Real Life”! I mean, “Why Don’t We”?

Why Don’t We, PRETTYMUCH, and In Real Life are just three American boy bands that are rising to fame worldwide.

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