Paranormal Places: Fox Ridge Park

Horror movies are encaptivating. Knowing that something could pop up at the least expected moment is amusing, but why limit the joy and fear to the four walls of your dark bedroom when you can go outside and be the main character in your own ghost story? Fox Ridge Park, home of what seems to be a little ghost boy and a mourning mother.

As soon as the sun sets, a ghostly figure of a little boy is seen enjoying himself on the swings. Try to get close and it’s no longer in the shape of a small child, but contorts itself into a hideous beast, something most would call, a “demon.”

The creature would then disappear, but the swing, strangely enough would continue to move to and fro.

There are many versions to the story, some saying the troubled spirit was killed in a drunk driving car accident. Others, that he chased his ball a little too far into the busy street.

Not much information on the mourning mother other than the fact that she was cleaved by an ax and spends the rest of time searching for her children.

In the daytime, Fox Ridge is a quiet, welcoming, and small park. At night, though spookier, one doesn’t feel quite unsettled. That is, until they see a moving swing and the realization of no wind begins to kick in.

Freshman Jade Lee said, “I would definitely go because I would want to ask where the best boo-tique is.” Not everyone would be excited to go visit a specter, though.

Jacqueline Reyes, a freshman at WCTA, Lee’s friend blandly disagreed. “No! That’s scary. What if you got possessed or something and the demons come with you?”

Deciding if going after this phantom is a personal decision. Something only you should decide. One thing is for certain, getting spooked can be fun!

Fox Ridge Park, where troubled ghosts will spend the rest of eternity.

Photo Credit: Yaksi Corona

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