Which AP Classes are Worth Taking?

Advanced placement classes. These classes are something that almost every student in West CTA has come across, in which they have thought about whether they should take them or not. With the wide variety of AP classes provided at the school, it has often been a source of confusion to students as to which ones would be the most beneficial.

AP classes are highly advanced classes that involve studying college-level material and taking a final exam at the end of the year. Many students choose to take AP classes to receive bonus points for their weighted GPA, while others do them to receive college credit so that they could graduate earlier. Alongside these reasons, some take these classes because they have a very strong interest in a particular subject.

With the wide variety of AP classes, many people get confused as to which ones are truly worth their time. The truth is, the best classes to take are those which align the best with one’s career interests. For example, a student who is interested in pursuing medicine or other sciences in the future would benefit greatly from classes like AP Biology and AP Chemistry.

Another factor to consider is the time and work commitments involved with certain classes. Some AP classes require a lot of memorization and studying in order to well on their exams while others may require much less effort to be successful. In particular, AP World History is a class at the school particularly known for having a lot of homework and memorization.

Junior Raj Patel believes that choosing AP classes should be very strategic. Patel explains that it is important to consider all of the options that are available to you, talk to people in the classes about how difficult they are, and make sure to take ones that you are willing to work hard for. He cites AP World History as a great class to take in sophomore year to understand what AP classes in general entail.

Ultimately, the selection of AP classes is a very subjective topic that can vary for every student. When choosing AP classes, it is vital to understand what you may be getting yourself into and if they will provide the necessary benefits to your college resume and future to pursue the career you want in the future. AP classes may require a lot of hard work, but they can be a very rewarding experience at the same time.

Picture of the school’s AP World History website, one of the many AP classes students can take.

Photo Credit: Vihaan Jain

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