After 1st Semester, What do Freshmen Think of WCTA?

Entering high school in your freshman year is a time of new beginnings, new friends, and new experiences. It is also a time when students develop their first impressions of their new school and gauge how it is compared to their previous expectations. With the conclusion of the first semester at the school, much of the Freshman class has developed such opinions.

In order to assess the opinions of the Freshman class at the school, a survey was developed and provided to them that asked questions relating to what their expectations were before coming to the school, if the school met their expectations, and if they would come to the school again if given the choice to go back and choose high schools again.

Responses from over sixty freshmen unveil that over 70% of the students had high expectations of this school before applying while the remainder kept medium expectations. Based on these responses, a little over half of all the responders claim the school met their expectations while the remainder either felt that their expectations weren’t met or believed some things turned out better than others. Despite the results of their expectations, a great portion of the freshmen would choose to attend the school again if given the choice based on their experiences in semester one.

A variety of explanations are present that explain such disparities in the opinions of the students. Freshman Sanjay Soni explains that his expectations were high initially based on the fact that the school is ranked among one of the best in the state and that it has a very nice campus. After semester one, Soni believes that while the classes offered here are great, some of the teachers don’t teach their classes the way they should.

Overall, it is apparent that the Freshman class of WCTA are generally satisfied with their educational experience this past semester. While many of them express frustration over different aspects of the school, the education present seems to be captivating enough for them to want to stay.

Sample question asked in Freshman Opinion Survey, revealing the expectations of the students this past semester

Credit: Vihaan Jain

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