Las Vegas’ Most Unique Neighborhood

Most known for its nightlife, luxurious hotels, and entertainment, art is not usually associated with Las Vegas. But in the midst of all the hotel glamour stands a celebration of Vegas’ diversity and culture: the free-spirited Arts District.

In the 1940’s, the Arts District was originally an area filled with warehouses and construction. As the buildings aged and became ran-down, “18b” was born, transforming the dilapidated buildings into freshly-painted spaces, brimming with artists and new ideas. 18b was the Arts District’s prior name, alluding to the 18 blocks of space it first occupied. But of course, its popularity and growth caused it to be the much bigger version we visit today.

The Arts District is an eclectic neighborhood comprised of retro thrift stores, stages, galleries, museums, antique shops, restaurants, and more. It is the host of many events, including local showcases, concerts, the widely-known Life is Beautiful music festival, and First Friday, a monthly event in which the public can admire and buy from vendors and artists from all over.

Though not as recognized as its other Vegas counterparts, the Arts District proves to have much to offer. Ebony Bankston, a local high-schooler says that the Arts District “captures the diverse city pretty well, where different cultures come together to create a unique experience.”

Another local, Avy Pinensky, mentions that she really likes the concept of vacant buildings being turned into art, an ideology that the Arts District portrays really well. “There is so much to walk around and see, and if you aren’t going to put those buildings into use, might as well turn it into something that people would like to see.”

An artwork in itself, the Arts District beautifully displays the theme of growth, passion, and improvement with it’s transformed murals and structures that were once abandoned spaces. A place created to instill creativity and ambition, it’s no wonder why the Arts District continues to grow, as it doesn’t fail to touch and inspire its many visitors.

The massive murals that paint the Arts District are continually updated, as it attracts locals and artists alike.

Photo Credit: Nadia Pané

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